2011, I co-founded Avion Ventures, the only Latina-focused accelerator for mobile platforms in the U.S. I am currently building a new practice of supporting underrepresented startup founders with Medina and Associates. 

As former President of Latino Startup Alliance, I was the administrator for Soy Empresaria a collaboration of Square, Xoom, and Latino Startup Alliance. I have also consulted with Rainbow Push and other well-known organizations in the intersection of tech and diversity.

I was the second and last Director of the Residency at Code2040. Working with eight coworking spaces across the U.S. on diversity and inclusion programs while supporting an Enterprise in Resident at each of the coworking spaces.

My work and expertise have been recognized by TechCrunch, NPR, International Business Times, USA Today, Al Jazeera America, Latino Post and Forbes Online.

Ecosystem Builder, Speaker, Troublemaker